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Blind Corner

by Donford Yates, read by Alan Rickman

Overall rating: 2 hands

Rickmaniac rating: 3 hands

Synopsis: A witness to a crime comes across information leading to a buried treasure.

Blind Corner is an English thriller in the general style of The Thirty-nine Steps. All the characters are men, and the treasure hunt involves a fair amount of engineering (mostly drying a well and digging tunnels) and outwitting the "bad guys". Since I like the Hardy boys, I found it entertaining.

I listened to these tapes after having listened to The Return Of The Native (TROTN). Mr. Rickman has me spoiled. TROTN is a much more complex reading in terms of Mr. Rickman's characterization, shading, pacing, and singing; Blind Corner involves a simpler story and much lighter reading. Since it is narrated in the first person and the "good guys" do most of the talking, there is no reason to do characterizations of the other persons in the novel, except for Rosenobel, the leading villain. However, Mr. Rickman is a very fine reader and the tapes are enjoyable.

Reviewed by Fausta. Update, 11 January 2001: is presently carrying a re-issued edition of Blind Corner, for $55 plus shipping.